Pink Tantric Massage & Kundalini Bodywork

Larry Melamerson -
1614 Harmon Place - Loring Park
Near Downtown Minneapolis


Greetings, my sessions focus on relaxing and improving your over all ability to experience healthy, pleasurable sensations in the body. I use intuitive touch and dialog to awaken the body to a deeper, more complete experience. My studio is an environment of openness and emotional safety where one can relax and be themselves. The ambience here is warm and accepting, offering you the possibility for a full body experience.

Today, a true 'Vitruvian' is one who can move and allow their body to feel and respond with greater awareness and sensitivity. Pink Tantra can activate many pleasurable responses' from the simple touch of my hands and Tantric tools. Stress release is possible when you allow the body to unwind from the initiation of touch.

Cultural and social mores have created a stressed environment for many of us. The concept of Kundalini can be thought of as a rich source of libidinous and metaphysical energy that activates' greater health and longevity through personal transformation.

Hours, Services & Location

 I am available Mon. - Sat. from 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM, and Sun. 1:00 PM - 10:00 PM.

A 60 minute full body Tune-up massage is $60, 1.5 hour Kundalini bodywork session is $90, 2 hour Pink Tantric massage treatment is $120.
Please note that I only do in call appointments and receive cash for services at my studio. Meter and lot parking is available.
I am located above a restaurant directly across from Loring Park, near downtown at
 1614 Harmon Place (Link Goggle Map).

Please call 612.868.3704, text, or email Larry to make an appointment. Thanks.

                                                                      Ambience at the Healing Studio                                                               
  • The work space is temperature controlled, clean, and private.
  • The massage is done on a large professional massage table.
  • The washroom is right next store for easy access.
  • Sheets and linens are professionally cleaned.
  • You have a choice between scented and non-scented lotions.
  • Surround sound music is offered for your relaxation.


My services can provide you the possibility to expand your boundaries and feel empowered. I facilitate the experience by activating the core response by allowing the body to unwind and release itself. Stress is like a double edge sword, good and not so good. Most of the people who come to see me usually have one foot on the brake and the other on the gas, and some even the parking brake too. I create a safe environment for you to take the brakes off without harm, permitting the body to decompress and enjoy a full body massage.

Touch and vibrational tools can be quite helpful in the healing process. It deepens one's inner awareness, creating more feeling and relaxation in the body. Thereby, heighteing and improving your level of sensitivity, deepening your ability to receive.

Breath can be all in powering when you allow the process to be pleasurable. The key lies in the ability to internally network with oneself on a cellular level and externally with others on a cloud level. My work can further enhance and help optimize your hard drive, boosting your body's performance and power.

The Kinsey Reports and American Psychological Association on human sexual behavior concludes that we are all individually special and quite unique.

In Pink Tantra, sexual energy and healing is synonymous.

Higher levels of pleasure and longevity can be achieve through these sessions.

The act of channeling one’s sexual energy is extremely powerful in nature.

It lead’s to a healthier body and clearer mind.

Massage that create's release, followed by relaxation finds the true still point in health.
Tension, stress, and discomfort will melt away under the warm and nurturing touch of my hands.

Education - Training - Experience                  

I have worked with a diverse clientele throughout the United States, bringing over 39 years of experience in personal training and yoga, 35 years in Eastern and Western bodywork and massage, and 9 years in Pink Tantra to you. My ability to blend structural bodywork with energy work is quite unique. The practice has evolved from medical, orthopedic massage to Pink Tantra and Kundalini bodywork. A full detail description of my experience, training, and education can be found at the bottom of the Pink Tantric massage page.